Showing team work and leadership on a CV

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Team Work and Leadership

Spring in Shakespeare

Francis asks: What hobby/sport could I take up, which would show “team work” on a CV – when I’m bad at sport? I was always rubbish at sport at school! I was never into football and I’ve never fancied being beaten up in rugby. I like meeting up with friends, going for a drink etc – I’m not against social interaction – but my hobbies tend to be more reading, learning, listening to music, going for walks, cycling….. nothing that would make employers cry out “He’s a team player!” I’m not looking at lying on my CV – I’m actually looking for a more active, meeting people type hobby. Thanks!

In answer:
Most jobs ask for team players, but let’s be honest here: unless you are applying to be the captain of a Premiership football club, how many office workers actually play a “sport” in work?

Being a “team player” is different from being a leader, and both traits can easily be shown outside a sporting environment.

Team player means getting involved with others. It is not about sport, but about showing you are socially connected to the rest of your community and the world. Leader is one step advanced, in that the group of people you are involved in, you play some form of leadership or decision making role.

Many of the activities you mention are singular/close friend type, as opposed to team activities. But there are always groups of people involved in everything:

  • Reading – Shakespeare group, or reading club
  • Learning – home work or support group
  • Listening to Music – fan based or regional music genre groups, eg: Jazz club
  • Walking – hiking or conservation groups
  • Cycling – cycling clubs

The fact you stray away from this side of these activities, and seem from your own view to be happier in your own company, does not exclude you from work. But it does suggest from an HR persons view point that you prefer to be on your own or work remotely, as opposed to working closely on in an enclosed office environment.

Accepting you would never tell a lie to get a job, it is better to be honest about your own skills and personal work preferences, than create an image which would either be uncovered in interview, or fall down quickly in the job: but both of which lead to a high chance of dismissal

One thing I would suggest for the future, is to think about the type of job you want, and the skills that it requires. If you are required to be a team player, but prefer working on your own, may be get involved in more group situations: if you read a lot, why not become the star of the next pub quiz team? If leadership is the talent required, then look at local committee’s or organisations that work in an area that interests you.

Good Luck!


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