Social Media Checklist

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Social Media Checklist

If you are a Job Seeker wondering why you got rejected,
Or an Executive wondering why head hunters don’t call?

Its probably because of your (or lack of…)

Social Media footprint!

Solve the problem TODAY with Social Media Checklist

If you are a job seeker, a skilled worker, or an executive thinking that one day a head hunter might ring your phone to offer you dream job, did you know that today your Social Media Profile counts more toward you getting that call in the first place, or even rejected from a job application?

Social Media – websites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn – are a modern phenomenon that is taking the online world in a new interactive and more human direction. It is enjoyable and fun to meet people from the opposite side of your street, the world or in another business community; and then play games or share and discuss matters of mutual interest.

But each Social Media interaction and registration on a new website leaves a distinct digital footprint. These build up to what HR managers and recruiters call your Google CV: simply, tap your name into Google, and see what is returned.

Now, why should this matter to the job seeker, the skilled and employed worker, or the executive?

Because according to a survey for the Wall Street Journal in 2009, 2/3rds of employers now use Social Media to either find or research new job applicants or potential new hires. Instead of paying a third party £100 to undertake pre-employment or employee background checks, it is both simpler and easier after the CV/resume sift and before the telephone interview to click and check you on Google

Further, there are now well established training courses for all recruiters to use Boolean search techniques to find what are termed passive candidates, those who have the right skills for high paying jobs hiring right now. That might be you, but if you don’t have your written professional profile in the right locations, then how can you be asked if you would like the job?

So the question is, what does your Social Media Footprint look like?

Before you go Googling your own name, there are probably a few mistakes in it at minimum, and at worst what in August 2007 the United Kingdom’s central union body the Trades Union Congress in the paper Briefing on Social Networking and Human Resources, which described Facebook as “3.5 million HR accidents waiting to happen.”

Do you want to be rejected from a job application, or miss out on a better paid job because your Facebook profile was open and had too many party pictures on it?

If you don’t, then get a copy of Social Media Checklist!

My name is Ian R McAllister, and I wear three hats:

  • Employer
  • Recruiter
  • CV Writer

I own my own recruitment business, hence the first two hats. I have been writing CV’s since 1989, when I left University and had to reapply back into my corporate IT employer for a graduate job. I must have done a pretty good job, as of the 16 jobs I applied for, I got 15 interviews. I then ran a team of IT engineers, building it from scratch to delivering £127Million of business per annum. That meant I had to recruit people into the team. I was trained in interview technique; and had a few of my people “poached” who needed CV’s, which I wrote for them After leaving corporate life I worked in corporate finance, before being asked five years ago to come back into the world of IT via recruitment. My first year was an insight, into how brusque the whole recruitment industry was, and how many people got rejected. To find out why, I started measuring the results, and the formalisation of my in-office ability to write CV’s. Wanting to improve the whole recruitment experience for both employers and job applicants was why I started my own company.

But what concerns me most at the present through results form our own recruitment placements, and those from our Free CV Review service, is the number of great professional people who are leaving their online footprints and hence social media profiles open, allowing employers enough reason to reject them:

  • The graduate who claimed that her hobbies and CV Interests included fitness and gym membership, when her Bebo profile happily admitted she hated the gym and was in fact the local pub food eating champion
  • The job applicant to one of our own IT jobs who offset his experience by a year, when the company had closed own and the building demolished; or the job applicant for a heavy-trucking job who’s online handle was spliffboy, when the licensing authority insist on compulsory drug testing
  • The 2008 dismissal of dismissal or 13 Virgin Atlantic employees for having brought the company into disrepute, following claims they had used Facebook to criticise safety standards and call passengers “chavs.”
  • The marketing executive who had left her Social Media profile so open, after we had found her personal profile on a dating website, we had enough information to replicate her identity as a member of a police board

If you don’t want to commit these mistakes, then get a copy of Social Media Checklist now!

What I have done in Social Media Checklist is given you a step-by-step easy to follow procedure to:

  1. Become aware of how recruiters and employers are now using Social Media
  2. Avoid the mistakes of open Social Media profiles, and manage your online footprint
  3. Exploit the maximum Social Media opportunity to be found by a potential employer via social media

This checklist should ideally be used as a point of reference before applying for jobs, and follows the ROSIE rules, centred around you:

Research -> Objectives -> Strategy -> Implementation -> Evaluation

There are then some specific briefs on the key social network profiles you should create before undertaking a job search.

I am so concerned at the number of open Social Media profiles and the mistakes within, I agreed after review with some friends to price Social Media Checklist at what is a very reasonable price of one hour of the average British workers annual salary. The highlights of the book will show you step by step:

  • What your current online footprint and Social Media says about you
  • How your online footprint/image can be managed positively
  • How to create consistency of results, which is more important than message
  • Employers do not expect nun-like perfection, with evidence of social engagement positive…… But over indulgence will always be seen as negative
  • How to be found by employers and recruiters who use new methods of searching to both source and vet new employees
  • What to think about first when creating an online profile
  • You have the right to a private life: how to create one, which is wholly legal and approved
  • Guidance on what material you need to create a positive online profile, and how to create it
  • Which sites to prioritize, in a 1 thru 15 step-by-step system, detailed on the checklist. This will take you less than an hour to complete
  • A set of 10 further steps which will take an additional hour and cost £20/$30 to further supplement your online profile
  • How keeping on top of your online image via Social Media Monitoring is essential, and easy to maintain – automatically

If you buy Social Media Checklist, then I personally offer two guarantees to get your money back:

  • A full 30day money back refund if you are not 100% satisfied with Social Media Checklist, and the information it contains. Just email or call the office, and I will happily refund your money in full
  • A full 100% discount on any future service you buy from, to the full price of your cost of purchase of Social Media Checklist

If you have any questions, feel free to email me on, and I will happily answer any questions or provide any guidance required.

I don’t want my friends or business colleagues falling over this modern but simple door step, and it not allowing them to progress as far as they could in their careers. I hence took their advice, and priced Social Media Checklist at a point which was accessible to all, and offered a two-way optional refund.

I know you value your career, so don’t let what you do online stop it progressing, or not being found from the job you desire. Buy a copy of Social Media Checklist today!


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