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Social Media Employment

In both sides of the modern employment market, Social Media is becoming more and more important:

  • For the Recruiter: in finding new talent
  • For the Employer: in undertaking free background checks
  • For the Job Seeker: in being found, and confirming who they are

Just a few years ago, the theory was that once you had worked for three years in the recruitment market place, you were made for life. Now LinkedIn has over 150million members, and grows at about an additional 30 per minute. Who needs an address book, when you have the world’s largest opt-in business telephone directory available?

In the same time period, if as a passive job seeker you created a Social Media profile, then the opportunity to be called by a Head Hunter rose considerably. Now, no longer did you need to be invited in to every private meeting.

However, there had to be a downside to all of this positivity! Simply, by putting such fully open information online, others could find it. While you were enjoying the merging of private, personal and professional information and finding new friends around the world, employers were getting a whole new insight into you and your life.

We have had in most developed parts of the world in the past few decades, and good shift in employment legislation. No longer – rightfully – can you be discriminated against on issues involving race, sex, age or disability. But, put that information online, together with your love of beer, wine, instant physical relationships or taking of drugs, and it can all again be taken into account. It might not be just that job you miss out on, but a whole career.

As professional recruiters, we have been wholly aware of these changes in Social Media and employment. We use it to source potential candidates, and did to source three aerospace engineers 18months ago to fulfil three positions in less than 10 days. We have also had Professional CV clients with Social Media “opportunities”, ranging from:

  • The lady who claimed to be a regular gym goer and fitness champion on her CV, while her Bebo profile extols the virtues of her ability to defend her title monthly of the local public house’s chip butty eating competition
  • The gentleman who claimed to be living in one part of the UK, while actually writing daily on his blog about his remote lifestyle in Eastern Europe
  • Or the lady, who had used the same profile picture on both her LinkedIn profile, and the one for the three-in-a-bed adult activity contact website!

Hence, as part of our Professional CV Service, we provide clients with a Social Media guide to avoid such mistakes. We also as part of our Free CV Review service do a check on job seekers Social Media profile.

But recently, Social Media and employment took a temporary turn to the dark and negative side, and probably illegal in most jurisdictions. Stories started emanating from the United States, that employers were asking interviewee’s in Job Interviews to log-in to their Social Media accounts, and give the interviewer an inside view of their Facebook and other accounts. Thankfully, Facebook quickly came back confirming that such an action broke their T&C’s, and that both account holders and employers who undertook such action could be sued by Facebook.

As a UK based Recruitment company, we were always sure that within both UK and European Employment Law, such an action was illegal. Aside from discrimination, invasion of privacy and breaking Facebooks T&C’s, exactly how many beers did you have to drink or people did you have to have physical relations with to be consider non-employable? Plus, hadn’t probably the interviewer undertaken the same activity with as much gusto when they were under 30? It was always going to be a tough defence at best, and most likely a complete victory for the rejected job applicant in the age of the no win, no fee lawyer!

So, in summary, our position came down to:

You have a right to a personal life.

But do you really need to let the entire world know about every aspect of it, every second?

Thought not!

So with that in mind, we developed a three-stage strategic plan with regards Social Media within our Professional CV Service:

  1. Before applying for any jobs, clean up and privatise (don’t be rejected for the wrong reasons)
  2. Get in the Right Places with the Right Profile (get found for the required skills)
  3. Get Connected + Get Informed = Get Employed (Get ahead of the competition, and inside the employer)

In light of all the bad talk of Social Media and Employment in the last few weeks, we have decided to give-away the first part of that strategic plan: Clean Up and Privatise. Its a simple process and a simple set of steps that basically starts to put you in the right Social Media place, while not leaving your Social Media profile open to getting you rejected.

So, how do you get your copy? Pretty simple, the price is one Twitter follow, and one Tweet:

  1. Click the Tweet2Download button below
  2. Follow our Twitter Account @ProfessionalCV
  3. Tweet the tweet: “I just got my free copy of #SocialMedia Employment Guide, have you?”
  4. Download the Social Media Employment Guide (pdf format)
  5. Follow the simple written point-by-point instructions through with the one page diagram

In 15 minutes time or less, you could have your Social Media profile secure and ready to get you employed. Or you could have left it open, allowing an employer to reject you.

The choice is yours, but we hope that you will appreciate our efforts to assist you in improving your chance of getting your next position.

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You are angels! My CV was been turned from a four page long and rambling life story to a job winning document - yes, I am now employed. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Barbara, HR Professional.

I am writing to thank you for your professional approach. Although successful in business, I realise now that a professional CV makes all the difference to gaining a job, however impressive my previous achievements are. I now have both a focused initial CV and a referenced and structured portfolio to back up my career achievements, which with a dynamic approach resultantly helped me to secure a number of interviews.
Graham, Divisional Managing Director.

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