Social Media for Dummies: employment via donuts!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 - Social Media

Social Media for Dummies:

Employment via Donuts!

We have been asked on a few occasions to recruit a “Social Media expert” by some recruitment clients, but so far as a recruitment agency we have not positioned – OK, failed – to do so. Why?

Well, here’s my No.1 question on Social Media: does anyone actually understand it?

As what was right a month ago is now wrong, and when Google add a Panda or a Penguin to the mix to shuffle everything around (SEO by the way has little to do with Social Media, or at least it didn’t…), is it a surprise that people are confused or bemused by Social Media?

So if there are no “right now, and will be in 90days time” social media experts out there, how are we supposed to find one to fulfill your vacancy?

Hence we actually turn down the Social Media recruitment briefs. Not because we don’t think there are good people who understand it, but because what was right now won’t be in 90days time. Hence the chance of one person fulfilling all of those job requirements is difficult, and resultantly their chances of employment in 90days time is low (less than 50%). So instead of a permenant hire, we always recommend hiring in an expert via a defined temp contract, or engaging a media agency who has the breadth of skill to deliver the final business requirement.

What is the purpose of Social Media?

Social Media is a moving field of people, taste and technology. With these three conflicting and continually moving fields, at present there never can be “experts” but “successull trends” which are applied by knowledgeable people from one of these key areas.

But lets go back one step. What is the purpose of the different Social Media platforms, and how should you use them? Answering this question, while I am cynical re the present emergence of Social Media experts, I am conviced that Social Media is the way to be found, get verified and hence get employed. Let me explain.

Social Media: the platform differences

A few days ago, I found a better answer to the question “What’s the difference between all the different Social Media platforms?” I found this answer on Facebook, by following Bill Boorman, the founder of #Truevents. Bill had posted in his stream what eventually linked (via eight steps) to this picture from Douglas Wray at Instagram:’s upload of Douglas Wray’s original Instagram post

Doug works for Three Ships Media, who explain their original thinking in this post on their blog. Since Three Ships Media posted their original blog post, over 100,000 people have re-Tweeted, Pinned and Facebook’d Doug’s Instagram picture. Three Ships have hence now posted a new 2.0 version of the same diagram, but now it’s all tidied up and corporate branded (bet it doesn’t go as far this time! Social Media hates pre-planned and corporate looking viral).

Social Media to employment

How did I find this great post?

  1. I followed (via both Facebook and Twitter) someone (Bill Boorman) who is key in my target market (recruitment)
  2. As a result, I don’t have to find everything, I just have to listen (which I do via Google Reader), and educate myself
  3. Douglas Wray posts something of interest, and it is picked up by (who have an audience)
  4. Someone in Geek’s audience picks up their post, and at some point in time it gets to into Bill’s network, and I hear it

OK, four simple steps, but it took from February 6th through today, June 19th to reach this point. That’s a long time in the modern conected world, so how do you short-circuit this for the purposes of employment? As outlined in 5 Steps To Employment, follow the same process:

  1. Decide what your next market of employment is
  2. Find the experts in that market, consisting of two types: generic market experts; hiring managers in 50 target organisations
  3. Follow these people where ever you can find them (see the Donut diagram for where’s best. Remember this is professional information collection, not stalking or background checking!)
  4. Listen to these experts for a period (normally greater than 7days, might take upto 10)
  5. Create a list of questions, and start asking them of these potential employers/posting them in expert forums on places like LinkedIn

The result? You are connected with the group of people who are most likely to employ you, and are aware of what their/their company/the markets issues are (complete with a full brief of what other experts opioions are on what the right answer is).

Social Media is not complex, it’s just still moving. Resultantly while the incoming traffic/marketing results are difficult to predict (pre-planned viral), listenting is easy (tap into the right stream of market/employment information to become knowledgable), and getting a message out cheap.

Good Luck, and happy donut eating!


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