Speculative job application by post, eMail or in person?

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Speculative Job Application

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Amy asks: Is it better to send an application by post, email or in person? I want to send out a speculative application for work experience. Should I send my CV and covering letter by post, email or should I drop it off at their office front desk in person? Which is expected and which is most likely to result in success? If I drop it off in person, what should I say to the receptionist?

In answer:
It is entirely up to you which way you choose to do it. Plus, accept that the local office may not be the place where the HR team sit and work, or the team you may want to work in.

The answer to the question is: have you ever wondered why in the world of electronic communication, we still have pieces of paper flying around? Because, letter marketers know that letter marketing gets a better response, because psychologically recipients feels that the writer took more effort and was more attentive to their needs. Therefore they are more likely to read it!

Click and send is far to easy, and won’t make an impact: all recruiters know this, and so do rejected job applicants. Hence, before you send any speculative paper application, why not try telephoning he company first? Ask if they offer job experiences programs, have any vacancies; and if they do in what areas are they and what skills are required? If they don’t have vacancies presently, then the receptionist/telephonist will be briefed to not forward calls on.

If you meet the inevitable “sorry” response, you then have to ask yourself: is this THE company you want to work for; or just a company without a job? If the later, move on to the next potential employer. If it’s the former, then you have some work to do by creating a portfolio solution to what you find from their annual report or website as something you could help them with, and include it in your letter as a project study. I suggest you bind the application, with: transparent cover; Cover Letter; CV/resume; and finally project report. Send it to the CEO or director in charge of the area in which you want to work, and follow up three working days later by phone. You may find you get directed by his PA to someone in HR, but that’s fine – you are in, and then have to sell yourself

In summary, paper and focus on an employers counts, so make sure that is where you really want to work and you can get that job.

Good Luck!

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