Suicide is not painless

Friday, February 1st, 2008 - Blog

I recently re-read the sad story of Joanne Coombs, 40, who was reportedly found dead at Manningtree, Essex – one month after her daughter Natasha’s body had been found on the same spot.

Natasha was a bright 17 year old, who died a month after splitting up with her boyfriend, in strange circumstances which Essex Police are still investigating.

But this blog is not about the death of Natasha – its about the subject of suicide. Many contemplate suicide, and many more mention it during rows with loved ones, or think about it during personal low periods. Well, here’s a few thoughts from someone who has had to clear up after a suicide…….

  • You may think its hopeless: the reality is, if you ask for help, there is a lot available – honestly, a whole lot more than you believe or could contemplate, even from the people you may be presently assuming you are in dispute with. Just ask someone for help – or call the Samaritans – 08457 90 90 90

  • You may think you have no one to turn to: the saddest funerals to attend are those of people who have committed suicide. Firstly they are always the best attended, no one does much more than cry (Yes, even 24stone prop’s who are policeman during the day), sing poorly (the priest is normally the loudest singer), state how much they were loved, ask themselves why they didn’t come to them and ask for help, eat nothing and drink only water
  • However, the worst piece is going into their lives afterwards – yes, even after the authorities have taken the body away, often after the funeral. It is always clear that the situation has been building up for a while – a whole series of little issues with lots of “I can’t ask for help” decisions, when a request would have been warmly met.

    Today is the anniversary of me clearing up the suicide of a business friend. Typically, he planned it down to the last detail, even removing the front door key from his wife’s keyring when she left for work that day. Unfortunately he forgot about the spare key held with the neighbour.

    If ever you do get beyond throwing out such words, then think about this – you don’t take away the pain from others, you just multiply it on those who love you the most, and would do anything to help you. All you have to do is ask.

    May God Bless All!

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