Team Performance Contribution

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Tweet Team Performance Contribution Lee, an aerodynamics consultant, asks: How do you put a valuation on team contributions for previous positions? I have noticed that many CV advice articles have many suggestions on “quantifiables,” eg: Increased sales by £/$xxx, or yy%. If a person has worked as part of a team effort (e.g. large aerospace […]

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No Job Reference

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Tweet No Job Reference Eric asks: I need some help on references for a job offer. I am currently employed, and applied for a better job with better pay. I have successfully negotiated the job application and interview stage, and now have a job offer subject to references. Both my current and former employers forbid […]

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How do you retain focus in your CV/Resume with a broad experience level?

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Tweet How To Write a CV photo credit: myeralan Barry asks: How do you retain focus in you CV/Resume with a broad experience level? Does demonstrating experience in other realms provide an accelerated path for promotion? How often should you tailor your CV/Resume – per position or per company? How important is it to take […]

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