Paid Job Board

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Tweet Paid Job Board Dave, an oil rig worker, asks: Can job sites that ask for a fee before you can upload a CV be trusted? I’m currently looking for work on a offshore oil rig but many of the job boards I find ask for a fee. What do you think? In answer: Yes, […]

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Marketing Employment

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Tweet Marketing Employment Charles asks: How would you effectively apply “pull marketing techniques” to a job search? In answer: Personal pull marketing gets into the realms of personal branding, to which Dan Schawbel is one of the leading writers. But, for the “average Joe” job seeker, I think personal branding is probably a step too […]

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Cover Letter for Job

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Tweet Cover Letter for Job John, an unemployed internet professional, asks: How tailored should your Cover Letter be? Do you suggest each cover letter be written from scratch? Should you send the same cover letter for the same jobs (of course, change the company name and obvious details). Does your answer to 2) change if […]

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1000 Job Applications, No Job

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Tweet 1000 Job Applications, No Job Thomas asks: I have sent out over 1000 CV’s and Job Applications, so far with no job offers. I am in the Armed Forces, I have a degree, I have experience and I am willing to move. I find jobs all the time. What does society want from me? […]

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Why Don’t You Get A Job?

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Tweet Why Don’t You Get A Job? If you would like to find out if our team of Professional CV writers can help you, call all us on: 0844 884 2825 Why Don’t You Get A Job? Are you getting a bit confused as to why you are continually rejected in your job applications? Do […]

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