Job Rejection

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Tweet Rejection Letters photo credit: Desmond Kavanagh Charles asks: I was recently rejected from a job application at the first round. Having seen so many Recruiters and HR Professionals say that they can review a CV in 20-30 seconds, I am asking myself now: how can someone really adequately review a CV in 20-30 seconds? […]

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Is this a good place to work?

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Tweet Job Interview photo credit: J-DuÊ™ As a recruiter, the one thing that is always a bit stressful in this job is when your candidates meet your client. It’s always stressful because I take pride in my work, but I know from the statistics that at best I will only get it right between 50% […]

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Employment bias against the over 50’s?

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Tweet Employment bias against the over 50’s? Mark asks: I hear daily from friends and colleagues about the pernicious effects of hidden systemic discrimination against contributors over the age of 50. The masking subtleties seem to pre-empt any direct challenge. Is age bias real? Is it defensible? What strategies are effective in breaking through the […]

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