Job Application: Fired?

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Tweet Job Application: Fired? Kate, a life coach, asks: How should a client answer an interview question/fill out an application if they have been fired? The person I am working with feels they were wrongly fired from a company due to a personality conflict with a manager. When asked at a job interview why he […]

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Linkedin Jobs: Q&A?

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Tweet Linkedin Jobs: Q&A? Dave Lawson asks: How do Recruiters and Hiring Managers look upon LinkedIn Q&A? Many people participate in Q&A under the assumption that it improves their overall resume. Yet, how do recruiters and hiring managers look upon participation in Q&A? Do you review the Q&A contributions of potential candidates? Are numbers – […]

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Previous employer gone bust – does it reflect on me?

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Tweet Employer gone Bankrupt photo credit: Robert S. Donovan Margaret asks: Does it reflect poorly on me if a previous employer has gone out of business due to the recession? Should I avoid using that employer as a reference? In answer: The basic rules of CV/resume writing always apply – always be honest! How you […]

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