Job Search Lessons

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Tweet Job Search Errors What is your excuse for not being able to get the job you want? It’s the economy It’s the market It’s where I live It’s my skill set I am too old/young, etc Can I be straight with you? It is probably less to do with the above, and more to […]

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Number 1 job interview question

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Tweet Number 1 job interview question The key question at any job interview is: Why do you want this job? Why are you interested in this job? Or in its alternate poison tipped version, aimed directly at you started with a “In your own words, tell me….” Why do I want this job? Why I […]

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Are personalized fonts or bullets acceptable on a CV/resume?

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Tweet CV Writing photo credit: shudrbug Diedre, a Phd Chemistry/Materials graduate, asks: I have had my CV/resume reviewed at school career centres and conferences, and I have had mixed reviews on the bullets I use. The first tier bullet is a Pisces symbol that looks like an H with the ends curved. It’s not much […]

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