Recruitment Process

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Tweet Recruitment Process One of the questions I often ask job seekers when advising them, is do you understand the recruitment process? Often, they look at me quizzically, and think I must have gone mad. Why would they need to understand the recruitment process, it is the same at every company and anyway, the job […]

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Job Application Statistics

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Tweet Job Application Statistics Today, I want to show you a chart I hope as a Job Seeker or someone undertaking a Job Search that you will never forget when completing a Job Application. Why? Because every day this chart shocks me, and its why as a recruitment company we came into the Job Applicant […]

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Get a Job, not a CV!

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Tweet Get a Job, not a CV! Good Morning – I hope this finds you well! Have you been on a job search recently? Bet you got knocked back a bit – sorry to hear that, better luck next time. If we can help please – just ask But you were probably one of those […]

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