Job Interview

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Tweet Job Interview To get a job, you need to prove both functional fit and social fit. Part of that is based on your ability to have and communicate the required job skills, and then show social fit inside the team and company you are applying to work for. This series of article will be […]

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No response after interview

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Tweet No response after initial interview, now what? Jason, an MBA student, asks: I interviewed for a position with a company I really want to work for. However, I have had no response from the HR recruiter or hiring manager since my initial interview. I have called and emailed more than 4 times in the […]

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I quit my PhD Education – what should I write on my CV?

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Tweet Phd Education Carlotta asks: I quit my PhD halfway through and I’m concerned about how this will look on my CV. It was the best decision for me – I now work in publishing and am very happy to be out of academia – but I don’t want to come across as a quitter. […]

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CV Formatting: bullets kill – and so do a lack of £/$ signs

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Tweet CV Formatting Many a CV or resume we are asked to review fails on a few consistent points: The candidate couldn’t operate a spell check button – FAIL If they could operate the spell check button, they didn’t read it or print it our before they sent it – FAIL If they accomplished the […]

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