Speculative job application: eMail or letter?

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Tweet Speculative job application: eMail or letter? It still worries me when I speak to current job seeker, and they ask questions like: When I send in a speculative job application, is it better to use eMail or letter? To which my respoce these days is: When you get junk mail from the local takeaway, […]

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Bipolar return to work

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Tweet Bipolar return to work Mark asks: What should I put on my CV after being out of work due to Bipolar? The last time I worked was in June 2008. In October 2008 I applied for a number of jobs but mainly due to ongoing problems with Bipolar Disorder, I wasn’t able to take […]

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Health and employment

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Tweet Health, Disclosure and Employment photo credit: niassembly The lessons for all from the case of Cheltenham Borough Council v Christine Laird, which reached a conclusion in London’s High Court yesterday, are now plain and open for all to see. The conclusion of the judge was that the recruitment procedure was poor, questions in forms […]

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