Job Vacancies

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Tweet Job Vacancies Job Vacancies: do you know how to find them, or what the basic statistics are compared to the number of job adverts? If you don’t, then perhaps your job search will be improved if you just understand a little bit of the process behind how job vacancies are created and fulfilled. Creation […]

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Kissing with Confidence?

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Tweet Job Search During your Job Search, are you Kissing with Confidence? Honestly, I doubt it. Hence, much like eating raw garlic and fresh pickled onions before kissing the person of your dreams, it is presently leaving a lasting impression that lets down your Job Application with your future employer, and hence your chance of […]

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February 2009 UK Employment data – don’t ask for a payrise!

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Tweet UK Employment Data photo credit: El mundo de Laura Amid the who-ha of Alastair Darling’s 2009 UK Budget – which burdened every man, woman and child in the UK with £12,000 of debt until at least 2017 – there was the release on Tuesday of UK Employment data to February 2009. In summary, it […]

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