Elevator Pitch

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Tweet Elevator Pitch You may not have heard of it before, but I know from the results we see through our Professional CV service, that creating an Elevator Pitch is the most important step you can take in CV Writing or winning your Job Search. Why? What if you had a statement – known as […]

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Relevant Skills

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Tweet Relevant Skills Maria, a Pharmacology Finance Analyst, asks: I recently had an interview for a business analyst position in a PMO. I mentioned that I had been a teacher something not on my CV, and the PMO director suggested I should put it on my CV, because he thought it was valuable experience, but […]

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Job Application: Is my Mensa membership worth mentioning?

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Tweet Job Application: Mensa membership Richard asks: I was just asked why my Mensa membership appears neither in my resume nor my Linkedin profile. I have always taken the view my qualification for Mensa is about my natural gifts, whereas my resume, etc., are about what I have achieved. Am I wrong? Are you impressed […]

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