Should Social Media information be a reason for job rejection?

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Tweet Social Media photo credit: mandiberg Tony asks: I’ve just had an argument with one of my friends who works for the HR dept of her company for disqualifying a candidate, not because of his rich experience, great educational background or excellent references but rather the things she happened to dislike that were on his […]

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How do I give someone a reference?

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Tweet Often, as a recruiter, I ask candidates to provide me with references – whether the potential employer asks for them or not. The reason for this is that you get a better view of the whole candidate, over a simple interview and test approach. In the modern world, most references are done by telephone […]

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Permission to submit request from recruiters

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Tweet Victor asks: A number of recruiters have approached me with a form to fill and asked permission to submit my credentials to their clients. On the other hand, there were some who simply told me that they would submit my credentials. Because they didn’t ask my permission, should I assume that those recruiters didn’t […]

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Candidate – no follow up, what do I do?

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Tweet Interview Russ asks: Having been for an interview three weeks ago, and heard nothing, I am getting a bit worried. Do I assume I have not been hired, or is there anything I can do? In answer: It’s not unusual Russ, but it is rare for companies not to follow up – and its […]

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