Important Skills that Employers want

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Tweet Important Skills that Employers want Last week we put up a post about the Top 10 Skills that Employers want. It casued so much interest, that we dicided this week to follow up with another post about Importat Skills. Skills v Skills? As I pointed out in the last post on this subject, my […]

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Tough Interview Questions

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Tweet Tough Interview Questions Bob McIntosh, a career coach, asks: Why do people lose their wits at an interview? People who otherwise appear confident and accomplished, sometimes fall down at an interview. Why? In answer: Often, simply because they have not accepted the situation as one where pressure will be applied, and secondly are inexperienced […]

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Senior job title

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Tweet Senior job title Daniel, a Chief Software architect, asks: I was having a debate with my divisional director, about adding the word senior to a job title. He questioned the value, concluding that it doesn’t mean anything any more. I prefer a title of Chief Architect, what do you think? In answer: My most […]

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Better Job Offer

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Tweet Job Offers photo credit: pheezy Charmaine asks: I have received a better job offer from one company after starting a new job in another company. What is the best way to handle this? In answer: It used to happen a great deal before the current economy, and still does for some people, but the […]

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