Mergers and Acquisitions = Job Losses

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Tweet Mergers and Acquisitions = Job Losses If you read this Sunday’s UK newspapers, then you will note that the editors are in turmoil as to what is the lead story. So diverse and unclear are the contenders, the BBC actually leads presently on its website with the headline: Product placement for TV approved As […]

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Economic Recovery Employment

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Tweet Economic Recovery Employment It is fairly clear that economically, various global economies are in recovery from recession. This is both true for countries – France, Germany – as well as sectors: car manufacture. But it is not true of every country – the UK; every sector – steel; or every company – Toyota. Why? […]

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British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee

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Tweet British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee British Airways has announced today that in response to their request that 30,000 workers work for nothing for up to 1month: 800 will working for nothing for one month 4,000 workers are taking 1months unpaid leave 1,400 people have volunteered to work part-time Chief executive […]

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