Too much employment opportunity?

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Tweet Too much employment opportunity? In these days of economic gloom, a barely recovering economy and up/down unemployment figures, we are used to job markets where there are too many job applicants, and too few jobs. But markets still do exist where there are lots of jobs; in fact, in these arkets there is Too […]

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Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children

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Tweet Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children I have answered the question a number of times with female friends about Career planning, and how they should address the issues of pregnancy, maternity and children. So it seemed about time to put my thoughts into public. Most women when asking the question are concerned more about […]

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Get into Project Management?

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Tweet How can I get into Project Management? Andrew asks: After more than 3 years as a online journalist/copywriter, I want to make a change and retrain as a project manager, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Any ideas? I studied Politics at Uni (got a 2.1), and I have an MSc […]

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What CV Problem?

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Tweet What CV Problem? Sometimes, when I get asked for CV Help to fix a CV problem which can not be fixed in the CV. Occasionally, the problem is with the job applicant, and not the CV. The signs are normally a high turnover CV, and lots of present rejections from employers in response to […]

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Better Job Offer

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Tweet Job Offers photo credit: pheezy Charmaine asks: I have received a better job offer from one company after starting a new job in another company. What is the best way to handle this? In answer: It used to happen a great deal before the current economy, and still does for some people, but the […]

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