Career Planning

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Tweet Career Planning As we return slowly over the next eighteen months to an economy which is creating more jobs than it is shedding, and unemployment starts to fall, in the world of employment we will see two issues return to the table: the shortage of skills within the market place, resulting from reduced birthrate […]

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Tough Interview Questions

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Tweet Tough Interview Questions Bob McIntosh, a career coach, asks: Why do people lose their wits at an interview? People who otherwise appear confident and accomplished, sometimes fall down at an interview. Why? In answer: Often, simply because they have not accepted the situation as one where pressure will be applied, and secondly are inexperienced […]

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Career Change in early 30s

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Tweet Career Change photo credit: Wonderlane Ben asks: I am 32 and I started a career in recruitment about 10 years ago, the past 3 years I have moved in to inhouse recruitment and have about 3 years experience within HR. Due to the economic downturn my role has been made part-time which has given […]

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