Career change from mortgage sales to technology sales

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Tweet Matt Youngquist, an Executive Career Coach & Outplacement Consultant from Seattle, WA asks: As a career coach, I’m currently in the process of working with a mortgage sales professional who is intending to make a career shift into the field of technology sales. I’m therefore wondering whether anybody out there has any tips, advice, […]

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Telecom Jobs

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Tweet Mark asks: What are the best sites to find out telecommunication Jobs around the world? I’ve heard about Jobserve, JobDB, LinkedIn, hotjobs, Monster, nakuri, bayt, bdjobs, craiglist and much more. A great many job sites are available on the net. But Can you suggest the three best websites of your choice for telecommunication/GSM jobs? […]

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Inclusion of specialist education on new career CV/Resume

- CV Writing

Tweet Jayson asks: I am a chiropractor, and I am looking to change careers. My educational background: Undergraduate 1989-1993 (graduated), Chiropractic College 1999-2003 (Graduated) with a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree. It’s the last graduation that’s making things difficult in this process. To make a long story short, practicing chiropractic is not for me, and […]

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