Career plan: talent development

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Tweet Career plan: talent development Brian, a technologist and project administrator at an investment bank, asks: I’ve been doing some research into the way my organisation looks at developing, nurturing and retaining it’s internal talent, and decided it would be a good idea to see other organisational approaches and what people expect. For this question, […]

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How Would You Describe Yourself?

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Tweet How Would You Describe Yourself? Kathy, an IT professional looking at moving for career development, asks: Hi team at, I hope this finds you all well – Bora Da! Love my new Professional CV and the results it is getting in positive engagement with lots of telephone interviews, but I am now getting […]

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Dropped out of University, can’t move up career ladder!

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Tweet Dropped out of University photo credit: alexanderward12 Nick asks: I dropped out of University after two years last summer, due to the fact I didn’t enjoy my course and I wasn’t doing well. I have good A Levels – A, B, C, C all Maths and Sciences. I assumed it would be easy enough […]

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Administrator career change – how?

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Tweet New Career Change photo credit: betty slocombe Cindi asks: I’ve always been geared toward Administrative positions. How can I market myself to take that next step forward? In answer: The best Career Management question to ask yourself is: here do you want to be in five years? If you are brave, push that out […]

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Do you think I should take the term "drama queen" off my CV/Resume?

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Tweet Ritzya, a drama coach and public speaker trainier, asks: Do you think the term “drama queen” has a negative connotation? In some worlds it does… the definition: someone that turns everything into drama. However, In the world of stage it is wonderful – in every day life it can be a challenge. Based on […]

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