Thank You and Goodbye…

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Tweet Thank You and Goodbye… An employment view perspective 200*jobs and 1*brand sacrificed to save 1*management and 1*Satellite TV deal Image copyright of The Guardian Newspaper Group Ltd Today is the last day of publication of the News of the World, the News International and News Corp British Sunday tabloid newspaper. I wrote a piece […]

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Do you actually need a new CV/resume?

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Tweet Do you actually need a new CV/resume? If you are looking for a new job, one of the tasks on your to do list is often to rewrite or get a new CV/resume. But even as a recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I question if in some cases if that is actually required? In […]

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Career Management: Borders Books

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Tweet Career Management: Borders Books From me personally, to the near 2000 employees at Borders Books UK, a company now in administration, a heart felt: good luck! For the rest of us, is there a career management lesson in their plight? Certainly, I think for those looking to manage long term career prospects, there is. […]

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Career Planning

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Tweet Career Planning As we return slowly over the next eighteen months to an economy which is creating more jobs than it is shedding, and unemployment starts to fall, in the world of employment we will see two issues return to the table: the shortage of skills within the market place, resulting from reduced birthrate […]

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Career Management: Liverpool FC midfield

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Tweet Career Management: Liverpool FC midfield As a Liverpool FC supporter of some years standing – I was at Junior school in the 1970s, my local team Bristol Rovers weren’t doing too well in the third division, and there was this wonderful team which played passing football and won everything – the recent trails and […]

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