10 things successful job seekers do, to get employed quicker

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Tweet 10 things successful job seekers do to get employed quicker When I first came into recruitment, one of the things that interested me was why successful job seekers were successful. On initial analysis they were no better qualified, skilled or capable than any other type of job seeker they were applying against, and yet […]

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Number 1 job interview question

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Tweet Number 1 job interview question The key question at any job interview is: Why do you want this job? Why are you interested in this job? Or in its alternate poison tipped version, aimed directly at you started with a “In your own words, tell me….” Why do I want this job? Why I […]

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Getting an Informational Interview

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Tweet Getting an Informational Interview Linda, an undergraduate, asks: This summer I would like to spend some time speaking with professional in industries in which I am considering a career. How do I go about making that initial contact? Is “cold calling” appropriate? Thank you, Linda In answer: Cold calling is probably the last, and […]

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How to get a new part-time position when only full-time is advertised

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Tweet Part Time Position photo credit: PhilipRood.com Anita asks: In my line of work (software development) it is rare to see part-time positions advertised.  I returned to work part-time (3 days a week) after maternity leave. However, I’m now looking to move companies as I’m not happy where I am.  I have seen the perfect […]

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50 ways to leave your lover – only 4 to leave your job!

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Tweet CV Writing As stated by the excellent Paul Simon in his own lyrics, there are 50 ways to leave your lover. But here, we are only interested in the four ways to leave your job – and none are to be included on your CV/resume! The four ways to leave your job are: Better […]

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