Next Job: clarity and quick employment

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Tweet Next Job: clarity and quick employment When looking for a new job, the question that many job seekers face, is what should be their next job? While there are many good tools and techniques for developing personal career plans and visions as to what would suit you long term, the simple need of most […]

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Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children

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Tweet Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children I have answered the question a number of times with female friends about Career planning, and how they should address the issues of pregnancy, maternity and children. So it seemed about time to put my thoughts into public. Most women when asking the question are concerned more about […]

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Career Planning

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Tweet Career Planning As we return slowly over the next eighteen months to an economy which is creating more jobs than it is shedding, and unemployment starts to fall, in the world of employment we will see two issues return to the table: the shortage of skills within the market place, resulting from reduced birthrate […]

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Rugby: career lessons from Wales v England

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Tweet Career Planning Career Management Tomorrow will be a big day in Cardiff. The entire Welsh economy for 2009 will be decided on by how much 15 hero’s in red crush 15 poorly organised blokes in Persil laundered white shirts. Seriously, it means that much to the Welsh spirit to be able to have won […]

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Wallace and Gromit: employment strategies in long lead time scale sectors

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Tweet There is news from Ardman Animations that the producer of Wallace and Gromit has 35 jobs “under review,” and that in a statement the Bristol based company said: “Every economic indicator points towards a hard year next year for all industries – Aardman and the media business are no exception. Accordingly we are taking […]

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