Careers Advice: the easy matrix method

- Careers Advice

Tweet Careers Advice: the easy matrix method As a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I have seen many methods of giving job seekers Careers Advice. These normally split into two forms: Psyche testing Blue sky thinking Now, while these are great for school leavers and recent graduates, they don’t work for most experienced job seekers. […]

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Thank You and Goodbye…

- Employment, Employment Law, Employment News

Tweet Thank You and Goodbye… An employment view perspective 200*jobs and 1*brand sacrificed to save 1*management and 1*Satellite TV deal Image copyright of The Guardian Newspaper Group Ltd Today is the last day of publication of the News of the World, the News International and News Corp British Sunday tabloid newspaper. I wrote a piece […]

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Why package negotiation is like playing Tetris

- salary negotiation

Tweet Why package negotiation is like playing Tetris When I speak to job seekers or job applicants, and explain that although now they are the preferred candidate, the hardest work starts, they seem confused. The problem is that you are not employed in a new job until you have signed the contract of employment, and […]

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Mid-career switch … advisable or not?

- Career

Tweet Career Change Roy asks: What advice would you give for someone in his thirties, with 7-8 years of experience in marcomm and HR, and a first degree in Economics, thinking of doing a law degree and trying to switch to a legal career? I’m actually trying to decide if I should give up on […]

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Career change from mortgage sales to technology sales

- career coaching, career management, career transition

Tweet Matt Youngquist, an Executive Career Coach & Outplacement Consultant from Seattle, WA asks: As a career coach, I’m currently in the process of working with a mortgage sales professional who is intending to make a career shift into the field of technology sales. I’m therefore wondering whether anybody out there has any tips, advice, […]

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