IT Professional CV

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Tweet IT Professional CV The IT Professional CV is the instrument by which many IT Professionals will advance their career. It therefore requires an amount of attention and effort to create the right document However, many of those we see in review in our Professional CV Help service, suffer the same old problems, and resultant […]

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Social Media: screw or support your career?

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Tweet Social Media: screw or support your career? The social media revolution is being termed by some as the second industrial revolution. Facebook is now effectively the forth largest country in the world, although it is still smaller than China’s QZone at 300million; and it only took the iPod to reach 50million users in 3years, […]

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When is the best time to look for a new job?

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Tweet Looking for a Job photo credit: di_the_huntress Richard asks: When is the best time to look for a new job? In answer: It is always a crazy market out there for jobs, but particularly at present. Even if you think your job I secure in your current post, you should always be doing the […]

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Is it advisable to write your own resume?

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Tweet Write your own CV/resume? Joe asks: I’m a marketing professional and a competent and creative writer, yet every attempt I have ever made at writing my own CV/resume has fallen flat. The CV/resumes I have written for clients seem to have resulted in some pretty decent job offers. Is it possible to be so […]

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The career development to management

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Tweet This is a common situation these days, and one which is ages old – the career development to management. In present career paths, the average person will change careers four times – but this career development has been happening from the beginning of time. So, here’s a typical question on career development into management…. […]

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