Employment: Blue Monday?

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Tweet Employment: Blue Monday? According to the Daily Mail and half the “intelligentsia” press, today is Blue Monday: the most depressing day of the year. They quote: If you think life is a grind and you’d rather be doing anything other than going to work, you’re not alone. Today is officially Blue Monday – the […]

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Secret “new job” search

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Tweet Secret New Job Search One of the advantages for the casual job seeker of the internet is to be contactable, but also to appear to your current employer that you are happy where you are. The number of business orientated social networking sites – including LinkedIn and VisualCV – means that you can say […]

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Thinking of changing jobs?

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Tweet Thinking of changing jobs? The down turn in the economy is bringing forward many individual’s plans to change employment sectors. Having seen many jobs disappear in their sector, they suddenly seem to be bringing forward long held plans to do something else, which they have never yet put into action. Is this a time […]

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Credit crunch to real economy – 1million migrant workers going home: job seekers need to look at their core competencies

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Tweet The credit crunch is now leading to a severe downturn in the real economy, and creating severe problems for job seekers. Firstly, we had the credit crunch. As a result of various bans not lending to each other, and a 40% drop in stock and equity values, Oxford Economics estimates that 194,000 jobs will […]

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The Google CV/Resume – what an employer may find out about you

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Tweet Having written your CV/Resume, and having sent it off, are you wondering what a future employer may be thinking about you? Well, why not find out first by typing your name into Google – the result is your Google CV or Google Resume I have written another article here about the pros/cons of an […]

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