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Tweet Charity Jobs Every week, when ever we speak to around a third of presently “between opportunities” job seekers, often part of the answer will be that to get back into employment they have decided to make the move into doing Charity Jobs. We also see lots of professional and Executive job seekers who have […]

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How is the word “volunteer” perceived on a CV/resume?

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Tweet Perception of Volunteer photo credit: Nevada Tumbleweed Joanne asks: I sometimes hear that it’s detrimental to include the word “volunteer” on a profile, as it implies that the experience and training is not “real.” Many feel that the volunteer work should be listed, but without the word “volunteer.” However, does this imply that the […]

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Career change – charity sector, teacher or journalist?

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Tweet Career Change I am often asked to write a CV/resume, or see one in recruitment, where the applicant is looking to make a career change. With the credit crunch induced recession now coming into full swing, the most substantial career changes seem to be from business type people towards three areas: charities; teaching; journalism. […]

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