British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee

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Tweet British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee British Airways has announced today that in response to their request that 30,000 workers work for nothing for up to 1month: 800 will working for nothing for one month 4,000 workers are taking 1months unpaid leave 1,400 people have volunteered to work part-time Chief executive […]

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Health and employment

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Tweet Health, Disclosure and Employment photo credit: niassembly The lessons for all from the case of Cheltenham Borough Council v Christine Laird, which reached a conclusion in London’s High Court yesterday, are now plain and open for all to see. The conclusion of the judge was that the recruitment procedure was poor, questions in forms […]

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Back to Work after a medical condition

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Tweet Back to Work photo credit: Hitchster Back to Work or Getting Work after a period of treatment for a health related issue can be difficult, but something which is not often talked about or discussed in professional circles from the employees’ view point. The Credit Crunch and resultant Economic Downturn is not an easy […]

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