Tough Interview Questions

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Tweet Tough Interview Questions Bob McIntosh, a career coach, asks: Why do people lose their wits at an interview? People who otherwise appear confident and accomplished, sometimes fall down at an interview. Why? In answer: Often, simply because they have not accepted the situation as one where pressure will be applied, and secondly are inexperienced […]

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IT Jobs Code Samples

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Tweet IT Jobs Code Samples Katherine asks: When IT employers ask for code samples, what are they expecting? How long, how complex? In answer: It depends: why not ask the employer? Software Writers or Coders come in four forms: creators, efficiency improvers, maintainers – and systems designers. This type of question is designed to prove […]

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Is it advisable to write your own resume?

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Tweet Write your own CV/resume? Joe asks: I’m a marketing professional and a competent and creative writer, yet every attempt I have ever made at writing my own CV/resume has fallen flat. The CV/resumes I have written for clients seem to have resulted in some pretty decent job offers. Is it possible to be so […]

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