Number1 tactic: Get More Interviews, Get Employed – proven!

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Tweet Get More Interviews, Get Employed How would you like to learn the number one tactic to Get More Interviews, and Get Employed? You would, but you suspect its a con trick? It’s not You suspect that it can’t work for you? It can You suspect then that it only works for those who have […]

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Is hiring a career coach worth the cost?

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Tweet Deborah asks: I’m trying to determine what additional assistance a certified career coach provides that one cannot get from going to networking events and taking professional development courses? In answer:Possibly, depending on your circumstances. It depends on you, your situation and your views of where you are compared to the market reality. As a […]

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Drugs, football – and succession management

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Tweet The US sprinter Antonio Pettigrew was in court in San Francisco last week, in the trial of athletics coach Trevor Graham, who has presently denied charges of lying to US federal authorities. The court heard Pettigrew testifying that Graham encouraged him to inject human growth hormone and EPO, both banned substances, from 1997. Pettigrew […]

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