Speculative job application: eMail or letter?

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Tweet Speculative job application: eMail or letter? It still worries me when I speak to current job seeker, and they ask questions like: When I send in a speculative job application, is it better to use eMail or letter? To which my respoce these days is: When you get junk mail from the local takeaway, […]

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LinkedIn: paid account advantage?

- LinkedIn

Tweet LinkedIn: paid account advantage? If you are a business person or a job seeker, then I hope that by now you know of the advantages of having a LinkedIn account. If you don’t, then they are simply: World’s biggest business social networking site = world biggest opt-in telephone directory High page rank = your […]

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Keeping people motivated during the job search

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Tweet Job Search Motivation photo credit: Mi Pah Karen asks: How can I motivate my 17 year old teen to continue to look for work? She has been turned down so many times because of her lack of experience, that she is getting more and more depressed every time a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ letter […]

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