Desperate Job Search

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Tweet Desperate Job Search = Rejection! As a recruiter, every job applicant or candidate who applies for a job we advertise is always the only choice as far as they are concerned for the position, being eminently qualified and having more than the required level of experience. Some add that they are 100% confident that […]

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Employer reference?

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Tweet Employer reference? Carole asks: My prospective employer has withdrawn his offer as my previous employer put the wrong dates down on my employment reference. I was deputy manager in the care sector (Mar 07) then promoted to manager 7 months later (Oct. 08-present). I was given a verbal and then written offer of a […]

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Is the world of work organised around lying?

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Tweet Career Management photo credit: mnomono Amy asks: Virtually everyone I know presents a totally different face to their boss. People are training themselves in “interview techniques”, which usually involves “saying what they want to hear”. I have to put a bunch of fake descriptions on my CV to fit in into the work world, […]

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Administrator career change – how?

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Tweet New Career Change photo credit: betty slocombe Cindi asks: I’ve always been geared toward Administrative positions. How can I market myself to take that next step forward? In answer: The best Career Management question to ask yourself is: here do you want to be in five years? If you are brave, push that out […]

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