Writing A CV

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Tweet Writing a CV Apart from using our own Professional CV Writing Service, which guarantees you a job interview in 30days or less, here is the world’s quickest, easiest and fastest way to writing a CV If you want more information on this subject, and want to write something that is improved on this basic […]

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Top 10 Skills that Employers want

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Tweet Top 10 Skills that Employers want I often get asked, what are the top skills that employers want? As we are coming up to graduation season – post examination period for schools, colleges and universities, when most graduates actually start job seeking – I expect to get asked this question more and more over […]

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Tailoring your CV to a specific job application

- Tailoring your CV

Tweet Tailoring your CV to a specific job application This is one of those “if I got a penny” job seeker questions at present, but one which is essential to understand: How do you tailor your CV to a specific job application? Typical of the type of question is this one… Kerry, a job seeker, […]

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Same employer, multiple opportunities

- Job Application

Tweet Same employer, Multiple opportunities Often, you will find a situation when if you have targetted a particularly large employer, like in Step3, Job Application of the 5 Steps to Employment, then multiple positions will appear at the same time. What do you do to stand the best chance of employment? Firstly, be honest with […]

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Professional CV Layout

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Tweet Professional CV Layout When writing your Professional CV, after sorting out the STAR wording in various sections, the key question to address in communicating your suitability for a specific job is that of Professional CV Layout. Accepting that a Professional CV is a focused and factual sales document to get you an interview – […]

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