Like dentists, we expect tooth pain!

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Tweet Job Search Pain photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography As recruiters, all job applicants who approach us portray themselves as perfect and right – usually absolutely right – for the job we are advertising. Our role then is to test to see if that is true both functionally and well as socially inside our clients […]

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Lies, dam lies – and March 2009 unemployment data

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Tweet Unemployment Data photo credit: Editor B I didn’t write a Sunday Thoughts this week, as two news worthy lines were still developing, both of which I want to comment on at some point: Foreign workers – which we will save for later Unemployment data – which we will address now, but with a slightly […]

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Interview Techniques – after the “I’m sorry” letter

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Tweet Job Interview photo credit: laverrue Maz asks: I received a unsuccessful interview reply. I liked the company and I expected the job.Id like to reply? I really like the company, and expected the job. I went for the interview after CV selection. The interview was very promising and I was more confident about getting […]

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