Like dentists, we expect tooth pain!

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Tweet Job Search Pain photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography As recruiters, all job applicants who approach us portray themselves as perfect and right – usually absolutely right – for the job we are advertising. Our role then is to test to see if that is true both functionally and well as socially inside our clients […]

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Is the world of work organised around lying?

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Tweet Career Management photo credit: mnomono Amy asks: Virtually everyone I know presents a totally different face to their boss. People are training themselves in “interview techniques”, which usually involves “saying what they want to hear”. I have to put a bunch of fake descriptions on my CV to fit in into the work world, […]

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Sacked – what do I put on my CV?

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Tweet Sacked! photo credit: Tavallai Jo asks: I have just been sacked from my job and wondering about CV? I was sacked with a week’s notice for failing to keep up with the demands of my job. I have been told I cannot have a reference as I am a sacked employee and now am […]

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