Employment Law: Facebook

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Tweet Employment Law: Facebook The modern trend of social media never fails to surprise or disappointment me. The latest shows that home insurers are now taking your Facebook profile into account when assessing your home insurance risk. But it was with regards HR and employment issues that I wrote Social Media Checklist, and the latest […]

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Employment after dismissal

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Tweet Employment after dismissal Sarah asks: I am looking for work after dismissal, and need some help. I was dismissed from my last job as I didn’t meet the targets, was making mistakes as a result of being stressed, and was late on two occasions. So, in summary, I think that has also gone against […]

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Job title on CV

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Tweet Job Title Sue asks: I was working for 18months in a restaurant until January, when it closed down due to the recession. The Bar Manager gave me the job title of Bar Supervisor, but another girl also had the same title and said she was Bar Supervisor. After a long period of difficulty between […]

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