London Riots: bringing the firm into disrepute

- Employment Law, tutorial

Tweet London Riots: bringing the firm into disrepute photo credit: Peter G Trimming The recent London Riots, and the further acts of looting and criminality in other UK city locations, have brought forward many questions about our present UK Society: The young are disaffected: half of the people arrested so far are over the age […]

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Why package negotiation is like playing Tetris

- salary negotiation

Tweet Why package negotiation is like playing Tetris When I speak to job seekers or job applicants, and explain that although now they are the preferred candidate, the hardest work starts, they seem confused. The problem is that you are not employed in a new job until you have signed the contract of employment, and […]

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Employment Contract Law

- career management, Employment, Legal

Tweet Employment Contract Law Sue asks: In May 2008, I joined my present employer and signed a regular Contract of Employment. The hours were scheduled Monday to Friday, 9-6. In March 2009, they asked me to work shifts, promising that soon a new position would have been made available for me, that suited more my […]

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Redundancy or Jump?

- economics, Employment, job hunting, job search, recruitment, redundancy, tutorial

Tweet Redundancy or Jump? I get asked this question of redundancy or jump constantly at present, which only goes to fuel my thought that the economy has not yet turned around. Here is a version of the question, with my thoughts and suggested actions: Loren asks: When is the best time to jump from a […]

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Lying on CV

- CV Help, cv security, CV Tips, CV Writing, how to make a cv, How to Write a CV, job search

Tweet Lying on your CV photo credit: Tim Pearce, Los Gatos Mark asks: I’ve lied my way through most of my CV but I need help with the last part. I need to add a couple of “achievements” to my CV. I’ve made up a couple of sport related ones from school etc. but I […]

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