CV Writing: how it works, backwards!

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Tweet CV Writing: how it works, backwards! I have been trying in a few posts to explain the basics of what is needed in good Professional CV Writing, and I think that the only way of doing this is walk you, the job seeker, backwards from the point in time that your CV hits the […]

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Result: employed in one job application!

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Tweet Result: Employed in one job application I often get asked by job seekers, is it possible to get employed in just one job application? Of course the answer is yes, but it is difficult to consistently make that positive and hence employed result predictable. However, it is possible to become employed in far fewer […]

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Cover Letter: why bother?

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CV writing to win the job!

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Tweet CV writing to win the job! James, a job seeker, asks: what’s the best way in CV writing to win the job? In answer: Simply, read the job advert: Read the job advert. Ignore titles, look at the details of what the require in Skills, Qualifications and Experiences and the salary: can you meet […]

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Telephone Interview Help!

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Tweet Telephone Interview Help! James asks: I need some guidance on what to say when I receive a phone call from a recruiter company or employment agency. Is there any specific guide for excellent telephone conversations from recruiters or employment agents? How do I handle the initial phone call that recruiter companies or agents make […]

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