Professional CV Writing: Horrors

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Tweet Professional CV Writing: Horrors Yesterday, we put up an article about Professional CV Tips, going through the major points of Professional CV Writing. One of the steps was to get some CV Help, getting three friend and making use of our Free CV Review Service to check through your CV before a Job Application. […]

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Cover Letter for Job

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Tweet Cover Letter for Job John, an unemployed internet professional, asks: How tailored should your Cover Letter be? Do you suggest each cover letter be written from scratch? Should you send the same cover letter for the same jobs (of course, change the company name and obvious details). Does your answer to 2) change if […]

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Employment: Dear Sir…..

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Tweet Employment: Dear Sir… When I get up in the morning, while the kettle brews for a cup of coffee, when I get down to the front door to pick up the mail, my life is always made easier by those who have sent me letters. Like most, I can quickly sort the junk mail […]

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Number1 tactic: Get More Interviews, Get Employed – proven!

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Tweet Get More Interviews, Get Employed How would you like to learn the number one tactic to Get More Interviews, and Get Employed? You would, but you suspect its a con trick? It’s not You suspect that it can’t work for you? It can You suspect then that it only works for those who have […]

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Marie Claire magazine and Cover Letters

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Tweet Cover Letters photo credit: Harley Qinn Writing a Cover Letter is easy, and its even easier if you learn a few lessons from some top copywriters and editors who work for one of the worlds best selling magazines, Marie Claire. Simply, writing a Cover Letter or selling a magazine is about two things: attention […]

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