Telephone Interview Tips

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Tweet Telephone Interview Tips The Telephone Interview is the second most likely place a job seeker will be rejected in a job search. Having got through the CV sifting exercise successfully, and shown on paper that you have the required communication of skills, qualifications and experience, the job applicant now has to both prove that […]

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Quotes in CV?

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Tweet Quotes in CV? photo credit: Jeremy Burgin Bob asks: What do you think about quotes on a CV? I’m talking about short quotes from candidates’ supervisors and managers, perhaps from performance reviews, highlighting accomplishments. In answer: Assuming you mean quotes of reference from employers or clients, then: No, because they eat up valuable space […]

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Should paper acknowledgements / book profiles go in a CV?

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Tweet CV Writing, Books & Papers Ben asks: Should paper acknowledgements / book profiles go in a CV? I have been thanked and acknowledged in several academic papers that my colleagues have written. I am wondering if this information should go in my resume, and if so, where, and what should it look like. Along […]

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