Best Long Term Career Advice

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Tweet Best Long term Career Advice Focus on what you can next write on your CV I see a lot of good career advisers and CV/resume writers give lots of good careers and CV Writing advice in public, but then – even in their paid for products – not follow the same rules and tactics […]

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The simple CV Writing answer: relevance

- How to Write a CV

Tweet The simple CV Writing answer: relevance I see a lot of good advice about CV Writing and How to Write a CV, but I also see a lot of bad advice as well. Most of the bad advice is not necessarily because its bad advice. Its mostly good tactical and technical advice, but given […]

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CV Advice

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Tweet CV Advice When job seekers look for CV Advice, what are they looking for and where should they look? Most often, they are seeking CV Advice on How to Write a CV, or secondly seeking advice on why their CV Writing is not gaining the right number of job interviews, and hence job offers. […]

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Serious CV advice

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Tweet Serious CV advice James asks: I’ve got quite a serious problem regarding my last place of employment on my CV, because I was dismissed. I worked at a bank from November 2008 to March 2009. This is the first job listed on my CV. Previous to that, I worked for a marketing firm from […]

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Team Performance Contribution

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Tweet Team Performance Contribution Lee, an aerodynamics consultant, asks: How do you put a valuation on team contributions for previous positions? I have noticed that many CV advice articles have many suggestions on “quantifiables,” eg: Increased sales by £/$xxx, or yy%. If a person has worked as part of a team effort (e.g. large aerospace […]

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