10 Tips for getting your CV read – every time!

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Tweet 10 Tips for getting your CV read: Every Time! As a recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I am often asked by job seekers, how do I make sure that my Professional CV gets read, ideally every time? Here are 10 simple tips that you can apply today, to ensure that your CV is read […]

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CV Advice

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Tweet CV Advice When job seekers look for CV Advice, what are they looking for and where should they look? Most often, they are seeking CV Advice on How to Write a CV, or secondly seeking advice on why their CV Writing is not gaining the right number of job interviews, and hence job offers. […]

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Professional CV Tips

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Tweet Professional CV Tips When it comes to giving Professional CV Tips, the answer is always to keep it simple, and concentrate as much on the Professional CV as the CV Tips which focus on you and the process used for choosing which jobs to apply for and then the job application process. We have […]

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CV Writing: short stories

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Tweet CV Writing: short stories This is part of our series on How To Write A CV Many people when trying CV Writing for themselves, get confused about how to create an effective piece of what is personal marketing. They often worry or concern themselves primarily with CV Layout, CV Structure, or Spelling and English […]

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Reject Job Applications

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Tweet Reject Job Applications When I first came into the world of recruitment and employment full time, two things suddenly struck me: That, on average in the typical job search, we were dismissing half of the job applications at the first stage: sifting That, to a great extent, the dismissed applications were dealt with as […]

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