Job Search Lessons

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Tweet Job Search Errors What is your excuse for not being able to get the job you want? It’s the economy It’s the market It’s where I live It’s my skill set I am too old/young, etc Can I be straight with you? It is probably less to do with the above, and more to […]

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Can you recommend a web site for updating a CV?

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Tweet Free CV Review Jon asks: Can anyone recommend a website or organisation that i can use to update my CV. most importantly for FREE ! Not the annoying ones that pretend to be free at first then ask for credit card details, basically I wants to able to upload the outdated and basically rubbish […]

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CV Typing Service

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Tweet CV Typing Service CV Typing Service versus Professional CV Writers – the difference shown! When I found this example at Yahoo! Answers, I thought that rather than trying to explain the difference between a CV typing service and a professional CV writing service like, this shows what you should expect: Jay Jay asks: […]

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