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Tweet Professional CV Tips When it comes to giving Professional CV Tips, the answer is always to keep it simple, and concentrate as much on the Professional CV as the CV Tips which focus on you and the process used for choosing which jobs to apply for and then the job application process. We have […]

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CV Interests

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One of the most often asked questions when writing a CV is on the CV Interests section. Quite often people are unsure as to what to add here, let alone how to write it. The bottom line is that an interests section is optional. Most bland internet templates include an interests section because they can be quite useful to school leavers and early careers, and templates have to be applicable to many different readers and job seekers.

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CV Typing Service

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Tweet CV Typing Service CV Typing Service versus Professional CV Writers – the difference shown! When I found this example at Yahoo! Answers, I thought that rather than trying to explain the difference between a CV typing service and a professional CV writing service like, this shows what you should expect: Jay Jay asks: […]

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CV Templates

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Tweet CV Templates photo credit: magbell When faced with the cost of employing a Professional CV writer, against the virtually free cost in doing their own, many candidates choose to use one of the many free CV templates on the internet. So many and diverse are the free and paid template format CV templates, it […]

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