10 Tips for getting your CV read – every time!

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Tweet 10 Tips for getting your CV read: Every Time! As a recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I am often asked by job seekers, how do I make sure that my Professional CV gets read, ideally every time? Here are 10 simple tips that you can apply today, to ensure that your CV is read […]

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Professional CV Writing: Horrors

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Tweet Professional CV Writing: Horrors Yesterday, we put up an article about Professional CV Tips, going through the major points of Professional CV Writing. One of the steps was to get some CV Help, getting three friend and making use of our Free CV Review Service to check through your CV before a Job Application. […]

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Professional CV Tips

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Tweet Professional CV Tips When it comes to giving Professional CV Tips, the answer is always to keep it simple, and concentrate as much on the Professional CV as the CV Tips which focus on you and the process used for choosing which jobs to apply for and then the job application process. We have […]

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CV Formatting: bullets kill – and so do a lack of £/$ signs

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Tweet CV Formatting Many a CV or resume we are asked to review fails on a few consistent points: The candidate couldn’t operate a spell check button – FAIL If they could operate the spell check button, they didn’t read it or print it our before they sent it – FAIL If they accomplished the […]

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Quickest, easiest CV tip ever?

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Is this the quickest and easiest CV Tip ever? It could get you the job, it will mark you out as thoughtful and efficient

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