Result: employed in one job application!

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Tweet Result: Employed in one job application I often get asked by job seekers, is it possible to get employed in just one job application? Of course the answer is yes, but it is difficult to consistently make that positive and hence employed result predictable. However, it is possible to become employed in far fewer […]

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Poker Career?

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Tweet Poker Career? There are many who might try their luck at online poker on an amateur level, or even try the odd hand when on holiday at the casino’s in Las Vegas. But how many who venture into a full time poker career actually survive into the professional leagues and tournaments? The statistics would […]

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No Experience Jobs UK

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Tweet No Experience Jobs Often, job seeking is not ideal, and made even more difficult in this economy if you are looking for No Experience Jobs. However, don’t give up! There are many solutions to finding work, and you don’t have to be inventive or an outright liar on your CV to get employed. In […]

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Job Application: employer direct

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Tweet Job Application: employer direct As a recruiter, of course I would always prefer that as a job seeker you come to me over going to an employer to find a job. I get paid a fee for vetting out the unsuitable job applications, and reduce the time an employer takes to fill a job. […]

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Poor work history

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Tweet Poor work history One of the more serious problems faced when seeking employment is that of poor work history, most commonly with either gaps or a succession of terminated/dismissed reasons. Termination or dismissal is easy to cope with in future job applications. The simple rules are: What does your reference say: if in doubt, […]

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