Professional CV Writing: Horrors

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Tweet Professional CV Writing: Horrors Yesterday, we put up an article about Professional CV Tips, going through the major points of Professional CV Writing. One of the steps was to get some CV Help, getting three friend and making use of our Free CV Review Service to check through your CV before a Job Application. […]

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Unemployed Teacher

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Tweet Unemployed Teacher Claire asks: I’m unemployed and cant get a job. What do I do? I’m a teacher. I have two years temporary experience and due to cut backs in education have found it impossible to find anything. I’ve sent hundreds of CVs and driven to loads of schools. Starting to feel like rubbish […]

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CV Typing Service

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Tweet CV Typing Service CV Typing Service versus Professional CV Writers – the difference shown! When I found this example at Yahoo! Answers, I thought that rather than trying to explain the difference between a CV typing service and a professional CV writing service like, this shows what you should expect: Jay Jay asks: […]

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What’s it called: Resume, Curriculum Vitae or CV?

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Tweet Resume, Curriculum Vitae or CV? photo credit: viaphoto Jennifer asks: From a North American perspective, technically, the resume and the CV are two very different documents, but those terms are often used interchangeably, which seems to create confusion for everyone involved (including me!). We often have students that come in saying an employer has […]

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How do HR professionals and recruiters view and vet CV’s?

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How do HR Professionals and Recruiters view and vet CV’s? And if you understand how they do that, what are requirements and insiders tricks to making sure that they call you for interview?

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